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        Hi friends!! This is our 7th entry in the blog. I want to share something specials in my life.. Why I called it special? Want to know?   

        I like to read comics. One of my comics entitled Detective Conan and the other one is Under Age by Zent the production of Karangkraf. The comics that I most like to read is Detective Conan. I started read this comics since Im in standard 3. I just suddenly read my cousin's comics. I found out that this comics is really special and I kept reading this comics from the first series until the series of 69. This is the way I filled up my time table at home… 
         Lets me introducing the main character..
  •  - Shinichi Kudo : 17 years old, Teitan High School, Ran lovers
  • -  Conan Edogawa  : 7years old
  • -  Detective Mouri  : An ex inspector, Ran father
  • -  Ran : Shinichi lovers and 17 years old, Teitan High School, classmate    with Shinichi..
  • -  Sonoko      : 17 years old, Ran best friends
  • -  Haibara       : Sheryy 17 years old as a scientist
  • -  Heiji           : 17 years old, a detective in Tokyo
  • -  Professor Agasa: A scientist and like to create a new things
  • -  Inspector Megure
  • -  Inspector Sato

          The above is the main character in this comic. Actually this comic is about the story of Shinichi an high school detective that get an attraction with his handsome face but only love Ran forever. This story started when Shinichi going to the park with Ran. At that park, Shinichi notified that something strange with the guy that wear a fully black. Shinichi followed the guy and caught out by the guy's friend. Afraid that the secret are reveal they give Shinici a pill. After Shinichi eat that pill his body become smaller.  He run to his room and see Professor Agasa. Professor Agasa give him a new identity and the new name which is Conan Edogawa. To find that guy with fully black and his team, Conan Edogawa need to stay with Ran and help her father Detective Mouri to become famous. Then from that the secret of man with fully black are slowly revealed.

          The best part of this comic is the way of Conan Edogawa or Shinichi to settle the crime scene. Without being notice by using he gadgets that are given by Professor Agasa its help Conan to hide his identity from being notice to the man in black shirt with his group. One of his gadgets is drunk pistol, the batch, the skater, the high power shoes and many more. For the comics lover you should read this comics and figure out what happen next. :)

          This comic has many series and its continues until now. I got many series in my collection. I really like this comic very much! The story line, the crime and the solution for the crime all perfect and the characters also very cute. A million thanks to this comic's author, Gosho Auyama because he have many idea to create the story line and share with the readers with his creative idea. I become interest to be like Conan Edogawa. Look fun right? So try read this comic. Im sure you all will love it. Thanks to my parents that supply me a money and a hidden support to what im interest.. 

 p/s : with love..

"Do you think we should give monetary incentives to the KP2 students to motivate them to get better grades?"

          Hi we meet again in our blog. At this time I would like to share with you all my opinion about giving money to KP2 students that will motivate themselves to get better grades. 

          Recently students have facing a problem with their study such has CGPA below 2.5 and also KP2. They don’t know how to facing their problem and some of them just facing it by quieting from study. It’s sound not too good but they will facing another problem which is if they in KP2 status the importance things to be settle up is their LOAN. For your information the loan will be blocked by MARA as they reached KP2 status. Blocking our loan? Sound disaster to us but they need to handle this problem by studying  more harder next semester.So I totally disagreed if the loan are continuing give to KP2 students. The reason why I disagreed because mostly students are more enjoyed with their loan instead of thinking that if they get KP status for two times, MARA will blocked their loan.
           Many students are hoping for loan to pay the next semester cost and also for the monthly money to spend up to less down the parent’s burden. Some of them are wasting money inappropriate ways. Until they got a very bad result and more disaster is they keep forgot to study, still wasting time by going out, window shopping, watching movie, and act as person that have more money. In that case MARA should block their loan to remind them the importance of STUDY compare to wasting money in inappropriate way.

          Loan is importance to all students including me. If the loan are not be blocking when students get a bad result, this is unfaired to students that get a better result. Students that got KP2 in last semester feels wanted to try more harder to get better result. If the loan are not be blocking by MARA they will think positive that everything will be the same, 'If I failed or passed that semester, I still get the loan'. So in this fact, loan need to be block to prevents students to think like that and to save their future and also prevents them working without effort. 

          If the loan is continuing giving to them, they need to handle with many debt and  because of this,  parents once again will find the extra money to help them to pay the debt. That’s why I disagreed if the loan are still continuing giving to the KP2 students. It's clearly to prevents students to take the risk of debt. As many semester that students take, many loan they need to pay. This is not helping yet just burden them actually. 

          As the conclusion, I as a student disagreed if loan are still continuing given to the KP2 students. If they still want continuing the loan, they need to improve their skills of study. This is for all students benefits. 


  p/s : hope we will past every semester with proud :)

My Wedding's Dream (^_^)

Good Morning everyone! Today I will like to share about my wedding’s dream. I believe every girl in this world has their own wedding's dream. So do I. Well, let’s full our heart with love. Happy reading..


The theme that I like to choose during my big day is the Garden Wedding. Actually my cousin has selected the garden theme on their wedding day and that has inspired me a lots. Flowers are everywhere and colourful. Well, I preferred to have red roses because it is my favourite flowers. Red roses symbolize sincere Love, Respect, Courage and Passion. All those things represent my true love to my beloved one. Other than roses I also love to have much bouquet of flowers all over the place. The colour theme selection of my wedding day is of course PINK and WHITE. Yes people, I do like that colours.   

Table For Guest

For guests table, I will not fix their seat unless the VIP seat only. In other words they can seat anywhere they like. This can make my guest going to feel more leisurely.


I will probably choose cup cakes.

Recently cup cakes become trend for wedding ceremony instead of normal cakes. Pink colour selection of the cup cakes will be sure make the cakes look cute plus with the fresh flowers all over the gazebo. Such a romantic and cute feelings.

Bridal Dais

I much prefer the type of bridal dais to be modern contemporary but simple. Soft colour selection such as white, cream and pink will be just perfect. The lighting usage in the bridal dais played an important part because it would give the best lighting so that the photographer easy to take our pictures. 

Bridal Dais for Wedding Ceremony

This is for my Engagement Day :)

Bridal Costume

For bride that wear headscarf like me will not become problems in bridal costume selection because nowadays there are various bridal costume especially for those who wearing headscarf. The day of my wedding ceremony I will be wearing gown that graceful  as well as the veil as my accessories and the flower girls that will brighten up the ceremony.

             This is just a dream of my wedding day I would like to be. To be honest I really don’t mind to have it in other way. 

p/s : Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. Hopefully all of you may fulfill your dreams. All the best!

If I have the power to rule the world, I could..

Hey there! Today’s topic is very interesting. 

If I have the power to rule the world it would most definitely be for the better. This will present me with such a grand opportunity in which to create a perfect world for mankind and all the other species that share this good Earth with us to live in a perfect circle of balance for today, tomorrow and beyond. Freedom, Security, Justice.We have seen too many wars, too much conflict. We have described the rise and fall of nations, the inflation and deflation of our economies. So now that is what I intend to realise if I were to be given the power to rule the world. 

Then I will return the joy of peace to the whole world. Peace has always been a shadow of a thought in man’s savage mind. If one were to look into a dictionary, it’s not the least surprising to find a great multitude of words for conflict; on the other hand, as much as one can manage that, we will all come to a realization of how very little we can describe peace in words. Though, it need not stay that way. I intend to turn this silhouette of a gesture into the solidity of reality.

After that, I will make sure that medicines are adequate in all hospitals and discount of medicine price will be given for patient that inability. I will also sponsored cost of education for excellent student of all the worlds to further their study. Than they can contribute to society soon.

              Lastly, I will make sure that everyone will plant the tree for the purpose to decrease the pollution. The earth need to be looked after with ideally for future priority.

Gorgeous SmiLe..

 Have you heard about  braces?

What is braces? It is an appliance that corrects dental irregularities. With braces, it will straighten your teeth and make your smile even better looking.braces also can correct severe bite problems that would hamper eating and give a greater risk of gum disease and tooth and bone loss.

1. Types of braces

metal braces

> self- ligating and work
> made of high-grade stainless steel
> different color elastic ( rubber bands)

 clear ceramic braces

> made of materials that are less visible on your teeth 
> used mainly on a teenagers & adult patient who have cosmetic concerns.

Self Ligating brackets

>  Combination with high technology wires
> Shorter treatment time & far fewer adjustment
>  Result : a beautiful smile & enhance  facial aesthetic.

functional appliance

twin blocks

                  >   consists of two bite blocks, upper and lower, which interlock at 70°.
                   > appliance to wear as patients rarely have problems speaking or eating with the appliance 

If your teeth need a little extra help, you may have to wear headgear with wires attached to your teeth. If you do have to wear headgear, don't panic!! You probably have to wear it at night or in the evening.


most people usually wear braces for about two years. After that, they may need to wear a retainer which is small, hard piece of plastic with metal wires OR a thin pieces of plastic shaped like a mouth guard. It is to make sure your teeth don't go wandering back to their original places. Usually, you might have to wear it all day and night for 2 years, 6 months or for many years. ^^. Its just depend on your teeth.

On the day your braces are removed, you will get a gorgeous smile!! =)

p/s : Call the dentist, now !

Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Education Aspiration For 2011


In the name god, the most merciful and the most compassionate.I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Allah Al Mighty for giving me this opportunity to share my opinion and experience in this blog.

Ok, Have you heard this aspiration ambition quotes before?

" Goals give you more than a reason to get up in the morning; they are an incentive to keep you going all day. Goals tend to tap the deeper resources and draw the best out of life " 
- Harvey Mackay

Everybody has their own dream. No matter what is it. The larger the dream, quite often the more time and effort it will require to achieve.

My educational aspiration? Some says that an Education is not filling a pail but the lighting of a fire. Yes, it is true. Without the education,who we are. So, my aspiration is to get a higher pointer in this semester since the result from the last semester was not something that I can proud off. I must work harder than before to achieve my goal.

My parents also inspires me a lot.  They always inspire me to make goals for myself and chase my dream to become a successful person. They also taught me not to give up easily. Although I feel like I am too lazy to study, I will realize that I have to pay back for their sacrifice and make them happy. =)

" Goals that are not written down are just wishes."

(Hello..Hi..Hey..) Everyone!

How are you feels today? Hope everything comes perfectly. We? Well we are SO EXCITED in making this blog. Thus this is our FIRST blog after all.. hehe. We would like to thank the English Language lecturers by giving us this opportunity to make a blog as one of the assignment so that in future we can easily manage our very own blog.

Our blog basically contain any topic we would like to share. Hopefully our blog will give u an inspiration or info on the topic that we will post every week. Do comment to our entry...

Have a nice day...  


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