Monday, January 31, 2011

Gorgeous SmiLe..

 Have you heard about  braces?

What is braces? It is an appliance that corrects dental irregularities. With braces, it will straighten your teeth and make your smile even better looking.braces also can correct severe bite problems that would hamper eating and give a greater risk of gum disease and tooth and bone loss.

1. Types of braces

metal braces

> self- ligating and work
> made of high-grade stainless steel
> different color elastic ( rubber bands)

 clear ceramic braces

> made of materials that are less visible on your teeth 
> used mainly on a teenagers & adult patient who have cosmetic concerns.

Self Ligating brackets

>  Combination with high technology wires
> Shorter treatment time & far fewer adjustment
>  Result : a beautiful smile & enhance  facial aesthetic.

functional appliance

twin blocks

                  >   consists of two bite blocks, upper and lower, which interlock at 70°.
                   > appliance to wear as patients rarely have problems speaking or eating with the appliance 

If your teeth need a little extra help, you may have to wear headgear with wires attached to your teeth. If you do have to wear headgear, don't panic!! You probably have to wear it at night or in the evening.


most people usually wear braces for about two years. After that, they may need to wear a retainer which is small, hard piece of plastic with metal wires OR a thin pieces of plastic shaped like a mouth guard. It is to make sure your teeth don't go wandering back to their original places. Usually, you might have to wear it all day and night for 2 years, 6 months or for many years. ^^. Its just depend on your teeth.

On the day your braces are removed, you will get a gorgeous smile!! =)

p/s : Call the dentist, now !


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