Monday, January 31, 2011

My Wedding's Dream (^_^)

Good Morning everyone! Today I will like to share about my wedding’s dream. I believe every girl in this world has their own wedding's dream. So do I. Well, let’s full our heart with love. Happy reading..


The theme that I like to choose during my big day is the Garden Wedding. Actually my cousin has selected the garden theme on their wedding day and that has inspired me a lots. Flowers are everywhere and colourful. Well, I preferred to have red roses because it is my favourite flowers. Red roses symbolize sincere Love, Respect, Courage and Passion. All those things represent my true love to my beloved one. Other than roses I also love to have much bouquet of flowers all over the place. The colour theme selection of my wedding day is of course PINK and WHITE. Yes people, I do like that colours.   

Table For Guest

For guests table, I will not fix their seat unless the VIP seat only. In other words they can seat anywhere they like. This can make my guest going to feel more leisurely.


I will probably choose cup cakes.

Recently cup cakes become trend for wedding ceremony instead of normal cakes. Pink colour selection of the cup cakes will be sure make the cakes look cute plus with the fresh flowers all over the gazebo. Such a romantic and cute feelings.

Bridal Dais

I much prefer the type of bridal dais to be modern contemporary but simple. Soft colour selection such as white, cream and pink will be just perfect. The lighting usage in the bridal dais played an important part because it would give the best lighting so that the photographer easy to take our pictures. 

Bridal Dais for Wedding Ceremony

This is for my Engagement Day :)

Bridal Costume

For bride that wear headscarf like me will not become problems in bridal costume selection because nowadays there are various bridal costume especially for those who wearing headscarf. The day of my wedding ceremony I will be wearing gown that graceful  as well as the veil as my accessories and the flower girls that will brighten up the ceremony.

             This is just a dream of my wedding day I would like to be. To be honest I really don’t mind to have it in other way. 

p/s : Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. Hopefully all of you may fulfill your dreams. All the best!


Mischievous Ladies said...

yeah.. i think something like white cream and pink will be so nice..but i love the combination of pink and dark brown more..and i love the ideas of using cupcakes instead of cakes..

Sweet | Dangerous said...

Thanks for the comments.. In fact cupcakes are more cheaper than cakes but of course it's depends on the design. MORE IMPORTANT on planning any events including Wedding Day is the BUDGET. It's okay to have a small ceremony as long as it will not burden you the upcoming days for the exceeding limits of budgets.

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