Friday, March 25, 2011


Helo guys!!! we see again in our new entry... this is our last entry for this English subjects... owh... we gonna missed this course hu3... Thanks to MDM MARIATI for giving this opportunity to build this blogs... thank you so much...

 I want to share with you guys about this new movie... production of KRU, the director is Yusry Abd Halim.... hu3... i know you guys must know him very well.... he being director for many years and many movies being produce from his production, but his latest movie that being showed in cinemas right now is HIKAYAT MERONG MAHAWANGSA movie.... this story related to malay history... this MERONG MAHAWANGSA story used an a CGI technique... em look very interesting right??? my first impression about this movie is when i look its promotion on the television, im impressed.. i don't know that malaysia can do a film like international film.. wow!!!! im very shock and I'm so exited want to see this film at cinemas nearby... hu3... so i buy ticket and watch it with all my classmate... hu3.

So,the synopsis of the story is related to sea captain named Merong Mahangwangsa. During the height of Roma Empire power, he was given a task to escort the prince of Roma to see his future wife (a beautiful princess of the Han Dynasty from China. but in their journey, there is many problem that need Merong handle, an a run away princess, the pirates of Garuda, the kidnapping princess,  the hometown that being left behind for many years, need to be king and need to kill leaders of Garuda..

The action in this movie are look real... even though this KRU production are used this CGI technologies for three film only..but their creativeness are same level with international movie...

p/s I'm so proud to be Malaysian peoples!!!! hu3... hope that our industry film are not too focus on ghost story... really tired of it.. need an a new brand idea.... like this movie... and my rating is four stars out of fives... peace no war MALAYSIA!!


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