Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Students must vote during student’s election because as students, we need a leader, as a student’s we need a improvements of academic service, as a students, our money need to be take care and also in a very good condition.

           As a student, we have many head and none of them become a leader. Many idea need to present and many things need to take care of, by doing students election system, the leader can be choose and the student as a leader need to know the students problem. Through them, our problem can be handled.

          As a students also, many people are stabbing behind us, they used money without explain the function, they used money for their enjoyment. This is also being the reasons why student need a leader and students selection program need to be done. Who will be the selected students need to help us to take care our money. This money also not only mine but the rest of students in university itself.

          As students, we need to run many programmed per day, one of it we need to attend the classes. So, our time is limited, if we go to the academic affairs, then the department is closed, so it’s impossible to us to go and visit them at the proper time. Also, if we want to do a program, the processing of proposal are taking so long to be improved. That why we as a students need someone to speak out for us. So with this selected students that being selected from students election, they need to propose the proposal that can help academic affairs improved their work productivity.

          So the conclusions are, students need someone that can be leader to represent the other students to speak out to the public.

P/s thank god I’m not that student, very big responsibility actually.


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