Saturday, March 12, 2011

" To Cheat, or Not to Cheat "

            In today’s age when you look at the word “Cheating”, you may find many different definitions or meanings. Whether you cheat at work; known as fraud, cheat at home; known as dishonesty, or at university, this act of conduct can lead to many consequences made by ones choice. Cheating as a word to me means to not follow rules or standards brought up as a person.

            Why some students cheat nowadays? The main reason students cheat on exam is being afraid of failure. In short, students are afraid that they will face lots of problems if they fail the exam such as need to repeat the subject in the following semester. Students may think cheating on exam might seem like an easy way for a student to get a good result and get ahead in his/her career but the end results is when students cheat on exams, everyone is affected in many ways.

When a student cheats or decides to cheat on exam, they forget to think about the consequences that occur as a result of the decision made. Consequences can vary depending on the student getting caught cheating. Some lecturers may issue a grade of a zero as a standard consequence; others may report the cheating to university board depending on the kind of test taken. In most cases, the student will be put on academic probation for repeat offenses.

True friends are hard to find, most of the time, people land up with wrong people who are difficult to adjust with. One of the reason because of which friendship these days do not bloom is self- engrossed nature of most of the people. Even worse are those cases, where cheating of friendship is done for materialistic pleasures.

I finally realized that cheating is a big mistake of the people who are usually not aware of the real consequences of such tricks. They don't understand that when they apply for a job, the employer will only be interested in your qualifications. So if you cheat, you're depriving yourself of you really are, of your "real self".

p/s : Coping up with a broken friendship is quite hard, more so if you have no fault of   yours. But, life goes on and you make new friends. You push away your hurtful past and learn a valuable lesson from it.


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